Spotlight on Carolien Adriaansche - Residency, Workshop, and Artist Talk

The Rethinking MATTER curatorial team is thrilled to host Carolien Adriaansche for a short-stay residency in preparation for the final exhibition in our series, Biotic Synthetic.

Carolien Adriaansche,  De Zwarm , 2013.

Carolien Adriaansche, De Zwarm, 2013.

Over the course of two weeks, Carolien will create a site-specific installation that explores the relationship between plastic waste and biodiversity. After one week of collecting waste in and around Aarhus, Carolien will lead a 1-day intensive workshop in which she and a group of local artists will work together to build the installation. This workshop will act as frame for critical dialogue on the ecological, economic, and ethical issues surrounding plastic - one of the most pervasive and formative materials on the planet.

Carolien will conclude her stay with a public talk at Aarhus Center for Visual Art's monthly ART BAR (May 4, 5pm).

This project is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, and is made possible through collaborations with KH7 and Aarhus Center for Visual Art.


Got plastic?

We are now collecting plastic waste for Carolien to use in her installation. If you would like to contribute to this project, please drop off your plastic waste at Aarhus Center for Visual Art weekdays between 9.00-16.00.


About the Artist

Carolien Adriaansche

Carolien Adriaansche

Carolien Adriaansche grounds her artistic practice in the large-scale collection of plastic waste, which she uses as the basis for her sculptures and site-specific installations. Inspired by the collections and modes of display in natural history museums, Carolien uses discarded materials such as rubber bands, light bulbs, and plastic containers to create synthetic species - whimsical critters with Latin names such as Lumenbulbus iocus and Musca capillus.